With over 400 offices throughout Australia and New Zealand, First National Real Estate offers the most dynamic and progressive property services available. We sell, lease and manage more property and we promise to put your interests first, at all times.

You see, at First National, nothing gets in the way of you and your needs. Even though we offer the profession’s leading technologies, we never forget that real estate is about people, lives and aspirations.

So, although we’re high-tech in our approach, we’re high touch as well. Whether you’re buying, renting or selling, you’ll always be treated as our top priority. Estate agencies belonging to the First National Real Estate network are selected based upon their consistently ethical conduct, commitment to excellence, and superior local knowledge. They’re backed by the resources, systems and standards that only an international network can assure. So, whether you’re moving to another suburb, state, or country, we can help find your new home. If you’re looking for an investment, or for help managing your property, we’d love the opportunity to help with that too.

It’s simple. At First National, we live, breathe and sleep real estate.

Property investment is one of the most reliable forms of wealth creation. At First National Real Estate Style, we strive to exceed your expectations when it comes to the care of your investment property.

Careful screening of rental applicants, ongoing maintenance, regular inspections and a watchful eye are just part of our everyday processes, designed to assure everything is in order – all the time. As with every element of our real estate services, ‘We put you first.

As with most things in business, it’s not so much what you do, but how you do it.

We prefer to focus on the extra value we bring to you and your tenants. Of course, we’re commercially competitive, but our belief is that we should first outline our value proposition.

Your Property Manager is an intermediary between the parties of the tenancy – landlord and tenant. Maintaining a respectful relationship between both parties is integral to achieving the best outcome. As the interests of each party are not always aligned, your Property Manager is trained to look after your interests with tenacity and diplomacy.

Residential and Commercial Tenancy are subject to complex legislation and disputes can sometimes occur. The strategic advice we provide, should such a circumstance arise, is based upon invaluable experience – something money can’t buy. Whilst we always act in accordance with legislative guidelines and regulations, we never forget who our client is.

With a professional focus on service, due process and respect for individuals, the best outcomes are achieved.

First National Real Estate Style prides itself on the reputation it has developed for professional, efficient and personalised property services. As a member of Australasia’s largest independent network, we draw on the strength of more than 400 offices throughout Australasia. Our industry leading performance in online marketing combines with proven tenant matching and communication systems to provide the best results in the fastest time.

Quality Accreditation

Having attained First National’s Quality Accreditation, you can rest assured that our management practices are of the highest professional standard. Every staff member has systems and procedures to follow, all of which are regularly reviewed to assure compliance.

This provides a uniform service standard – something that many businesses strive to attain but rarely achieve.