Why Sell with First National Real Estate Style.

Selling your property is not a task undertaken every day. When you’re selling, it’s important to be fully informed and plan each step carefully.

There comes a time in life when you need to move on. Whether you’re changing jobs, retiring, or just need a change of scenery, one thing is certain when it comes to the sale of your home – your key objective is to determine the best, most realistic price for your home and to achieve it in the shortest period of time. You may think selling your property will be easy and that the first person who walks through your door will fall in love with it. However, if you ask yourself how many houses you inspected before you bought your current property, and how many other people might have inspected the property before you chose it, you’ll realise that there’s a considerable amount of work, as well as marketing and sales expertise involved. This is where a First National Real Estate agent can help.

An agent’s local experience and advice will help you establish a realistic expectation of your property’s market value. They’ll also know the most effective way of reaching all potential purchasers. Selling any property can be a complex task but the right real estate agent will help make the process easier.

First National Style Real Estate agents help people to buy and sell real estate every day of the week, so they are experts at understanding and appreciating the perspectives of both parties. Central to the success of an agent is their ability to communicate clearly and their leadership in helping both buyers and sellers to reach decisions. First National agents are experienced at distinguishing the difference between buyer negotiation tactics and reality. This can add thousands to your ultimate sale price.

When you choose a real estate agent to sell your property, you are investing an enormous amount of trust in that person and their agency to provide you with the right care and support to achieve the best result and outcome for you and your property.

At First National Real Estate Style we are committed to achieving this for you.

There must be a relationship of trust between the vendor and the agent for the selling process to be a positive experience. We take this relationship very seriously.

Our obligations to you are:

  • To act in your best interests
  • To keep you informed at all times
  • To convey all offers
  • To make full disclosure to you the owner
  • To maintain confidentiality
  • To follow your instructions

We at First National Believe That Successful real estate agents are good communicators.

Our staff at First National Real Estate Style are friendly, approachable and reliable.

We are experienced negotiators and have the knowledge, expertise and training to handle all property selling situations to maximise the benefit to you, the vendor.

A good decision requires good information. We ensure you are well informed throughout the selling process. When the final decision is made you can be confident you are making the right decision.

Our People take the time to explain the process of selling a property, what to expect, possible pitfalls to avoid and how we handle specific situations. We will be doing our utmost to secure a successful sale on your terms.

At First National we work in a team environment. When you list your property with us, the whole team is working for you, not just an office or an individual.

We are professionals who pride ourselves on our standards, integrity and work ethic.